Inside Camping Game

Wendy Baker


When one goes to camp often the duties necessary to run a safe and healthy camp take over and there is no time for fun. Part of the reason is that the girls do not know what they have to do for each duty and instead of getting to it and getting it done they waste time dawdling. If they know what they have to do for each duty before they go to camp then it is easier to get through the duties and have fun. With a few collected props, we had an evening where the girls each took a duty and did a skit to show what was required. After they all preformed their skits they then were asked to try to repeat the skit of another's duty. A memory game......

Here is a list of the duties used. I had 7 girls when I did this last.

Idea: Take the show on the road.....after the girls have practiced their skits, take the Pathfinder Unit to a Guide meeting and have them put it on for the Guides.

1. TENT AND TENT CARE - We are lucky enough to have a miniature tent that someone made complete with poles which the girls can put up. Take along some Barbie dolls for the Guides.

2. DUTIES - Mime a duty and see if the others can guess the duty. Give them help by giving them a list of the duties and what is required.

3. PROGRAM - Chart Covers and Program charts

4. BED ROLLS - sleeping bags, ground sheets, rope - Miniature or full size - also take a stuff sack and a rope and ground sheet and have a contest to see who can get it done first.

5. GADGETS - Long dowels and string and see what they can come up with.

6. PACKING: Tell them what kind of a camp it is to be, weekend, summer, winter and have them do a kit list from memory. Check it off with one.

7. CRAFTS: Have them pretend to make a craft suitable for camp hat.