International Theme Crowd Mixer

Therese Preece
Surrey, British Columbia

Have each girl make a stamp that fits a WAGGGS country for example - Canada - Maple Leaf, Bahamas - Banana, Australia - Kangaroo, England - Crown or teacup, Kenya - Thatch Hutch........ There are enough member countries for everyone...

Make up passport booklets (we used old wallpaper books that had been donated to the group). Filled with blank paper.

The girls had to visit each country (each girl in the group) and exchange stamps.

One of my Guiders got this idea from a Stage II Residential Weekend and brought it home to share with us. We also used it as an adult mixer at a Division Annual Meeting. What a great way to share a new idea with the adults to take back to their meetings. I have never seen Guiders mix so quickly before!

We have used the basic idea to suit many other themes. Use your imagination.....