Ireland's Cygnets and Ladybirds

Barb Garber

There are 3 Guide Associations in Ireland,2 of which work in The Republic of Ireland;IGG and CGI.


In CGI (Catholic Guides of Ireland) they are called Cygnets

Age: 5 - 6 years

Motto:Bi Ullamh (Be prepared)

Uniform:Red sweatshirt, white polo-shirt,navy tracksuit bottoms,lemon kneckerchief (scarf)

Badge: Is a round yellow crest with a baby swan (cygnet) on it.



In IGG (Irish Girl Guides) the Spark equivalent is called Ladybirds
(Guiders are named after ladybird: Adalia, Coccinella, Calivia)

Age: 5 - 7

Promise: I will try to do my best to love God and help other people

Uniform: Navy tracksuit with red ladybird motif. Red and black spotted neckerchief, black woggle, red hairband.

Song: Meetings open with ladybirds standing in a square formation and all sing the ladybird song to the tune of "Here We Go Gathering Nuts in May".

"We're the ladybirds, see us fly,
Watch our spots as we go by.
As we stretch our wings and play.
Happy as it is ladybird day,
Let us start our ladybird day".

Games: Games Ladybirds enjoy include "Hunt The Ladybird". Cut outs of ladybirds on small pieces of card scattered around - preferably out of doors. Girls hunt for them and bring them home. Sing "Ladybird, ladybird fly away home", before starting the hunt.
Alternatively, scatter matching pairs of ladybirds e.g. same number of spots, a nibbles leaf, same red dolor, same yellow color, in flight etc. When the card is found Ladybird then tries to find whoever has the matching card.