Angel in Green

submitted by Vicki Saldana

Brought to you via Neil Savage's "Appreciating Girl Scout/Guide Volunteers" Compilation

Having left mortal earth I passed through Heaven's gate
And while anxiously awaiting the outcome of my fate
I walked among the angels all robed in purest white
Whereupon I saw one figure that cast a greenish light.

She sat upon a misty cloud, a harp held to her breast,
In a flowing, blowing gown of green, unlike all the rest;
I asked what great deed she'd done to earn the special hue
That gave her color where others had none, or maybe just a few.

She said, "On earth I sought no fame, fortune was not my goal
I shunned the power of politics and worked without a toll;
I spent time with children, helping them to grow
For as you reap in life, so must you learn to sow."

"You see," she said, "the dividend while growing up I'd share
I repaid where many others were too self-involved to care;
Girl Scouting was my choice of roads to follow in my quest
For among the girls I found a love deeper than the rest."

"A teacher was I, my work was hard, I had no diploma or pay
But where family and institutions failed I helped them find the way;
The lessons I taught were obscure and difficult to see
For they didn't have names like spelling or math or geometry."

"They were lessons in life delivered through guided experience
And they taught such things as character, spirit, and confidence;
Though on earth my life was blessed, it's even moreso today
For when I look down I see my work as my girls show others the way."

"On earth, Girl Scouting taught me to leave things better than before
And the same applies to that mortal place where life never was a bore
Now having lived by that Girl Scout rule in every earthly endeavor
I have become an Angel in Green and shall be a Girl Scout forever."