A Terrible Ghost Story

Therese Preece
Surrey, British Columbia

Cast and Script/Actions:


On a dark and stormy night in October, a stage coach rumbled along a country road. In it, a TIMID YOUNG GIRL bounced up and down on the hard cushions and gazed frightened out into the darkness. Suddenly the coach stopped and in stepped an OLD, OLD WOMAN. From under one arm peered a LARGE BLACK CAT and around the other twined a LONG BLACK SNAKE.

"Hoity, toity, a TIMID YOUNG GIRL travelling alone tonight!" she exclaimed with a hideous grin. "Let me tell your fortune, my pretty.

Toward the TIMID YOUNG GIRL, the OLD OLD WOMAN stretched a bony arm while the LARGE BLACK CAT arched his back and growled and the LONG BLACK SNAKE watched them with beady eyes.

"No, no" cried the TIMID YOUNG GIRL, shrinking into a corner, with her pretty hands behind her back. At that moment, the door was thrown violently open and in rushed a TALL MAN in a long raincoat. His face was hidden by a drooping hat, but his voice was low and pleasant.

He said, "Allow me", and gently pushed between the TIMID YOUNG GIRL and the OLD OLD WOMAN.

"Allow me", said the OLD OLD WOMAN and three times pointed her finger at the TALL MAN.

A YELLOW DOG howled from under the seat, the LARGE BLACK CAT growled, and the BIG BLACK CROW croaked most dismally, and into the coach flew FOUR BLACK BATS and beat their wings

in the face of the TIMID YOUNG GIRL, while through each window peered the grotesque face of a pumpkin BOGIE MAN. Nearer to the OLD OLD WOMAN bent the TALL MAN; fixed on the OLD OLD WOMAN two startling eyes, and pushed back his hat.

With a terrible shriek, the OLD OLD WOMAN sprang to the door followed by her LARGE BLACK CAT, the HOWLING YELLOW DOG, the LONG BLACK SNAKE, FOUR BLACK BATS and the BIG BLACK CROW.

In the coach the TIMID YOUNG GIRL had fainted, for under the hat of the TALL MAN was the ghastly countenance of a horrible GHOST.