Because You Said "Yes"

Brought to you via Neil Savage's "Appreciating Girl Scout/Guide Volunteers" Compilation

Because you said 'yes':

.. a young girl will feel the pride of being someone special as she carefully puts on her uniform for the very first time.

.. a girl can move to a new town and have "instant friendships" with girls she might never have met.

...parents will experience that special pride when they listen to their daughter say the Girl scout Promise for the first time.

... bright eyes will become a little brighter with excitement as the kindling finally catches on the first campfire.

... nervous giggles will emit from tents as girls try to fall asleep their first night of camp.

... the community, and the world will be richer because a girl has learned the importance of caring for her environment, and the warm feeling that comes from giving service to someone less fortunate than herself.

...a parent will find a gold trefoil carefully tucked away in a drawer as their daughter packs to leave home for her first adventures as a young adult.

... a young woman will contact the Girl Scouts one day and say, "I had so much fun when I was a Girl Scout, I'd like to try being a Leader."


And the circle will continue ... because you said, "YES"