Candlelight Guide Enrollment Ceremony

Judy Bober
53rd Calgary Guides
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


  • 1 candle for each guide being enrolled
  • I large white candle (Promise Candle)
  • Candle holders
Starts after Horseshoe is formed and colours have been done ( if you are doing a formal Colour Ceremony).

A Guider lights the large candle and says

" I light this candle to remind us of our promise. When we try to keep our Guide Promise we are helping make this world a better place for ourselves and everyone else." You could have an older girl do this also.

Then one patrol is invited to bring the guides to be enrolled. The patrol leader and second both are escorts. The patrol leader introduces the girls and then the procedure in the POR is followed.

Once the girl says her promise and the pin is put on, the girl proceeds to another leader who puts on her scarf. Scarves will be on table rolled and ready to put on and tie.

Then a third leader gives the girl a candle which she lights from the large one and says one of the Guide Laws.( The laws are given out the preceding week and the girls memorize the law or use their paper). If there are more girls than laws some are repeated. After reciting the law the girl places candle in holder or she could do this first.

The enrolled guide returns to her spot in the horseshoe which has become a sitting horseshoe. I have tried having them stand throughout the enrolment and find they fidget too much. Allowing them to sit seems to be better.

The article I got this from does the lighting and reciting first and then proceeds with the enrolment ceremony.

Each year I get the second year girls to plan the enrolment as they have experienced the previous year's. Over the years modifications have been made to assist in it running more smoothly. The girls have great ideas. The idea to have scarves rolled and ready is the change this year suggested by the girls.

After the enrolment a game or singsong or some other activity is done.

This year the second year girls have a campfire planned to which they invite the guests to join on the floor. After that there are refreshments which the newly enrolled guides have provided. ( We provide the drinks and girls bring a plate of goodies).

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