Cold Weather Bedroll List

Becky Vincent
18th and 8th Guelph Guides
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

  • warm sleeping bag (not summerweight), or two lighter sleeping bags
  • at least two heavy blankets
  • foam pad or that "bubble paper" - NO AIR MATTRESSES
  • warm PJ's (not a nightie... they're awfully cold on those midnight trips to the bathroom!)
  • small pillow (optional)
  • groundsheet - can be a tarp, plastic sheeting, old shower curtain, etc... it should be at least 1 foot wider and longer than the sleeping bag on each side
  • sturdy rope, at least 8ft long
  • warm socks, mittens, to be used ONLY for bed
  • winter toque or hooded sweatshirt for head
  • bed buddy (IE: stuffed animal) (optional)

I am also going to ask everyone to bring a paper bag full of newspaper to spread between their bedrolls and the ground. Remember that the secret to cold weather sleeping is to have at LEAST as many layers between your body and the ground, as you have above you. Also remember that while layering clothing is important, it is just as important to make sure that layers aren't restrictive - too many tight layers will NOT keep you warm!

Happy Camping, everyone!

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