Eleven Commandments

Brought to you via Neil Savage's "Appreciating Girl Scout/Guide Volunteers" Compilation

For Girl Scouting to achieve its goals, those who work with adult volunteers need to remember these eleven commandments:

  1. The girl comes first, and the adult volunteer comes second in Girl Scouting.
  2. The Girl Scout volunteer is not dependent on her support team, the support team is dependent on her.
  3. The Girl Scout volunteer is not an interruption of professional staff work, she is the purpose of it.
  4. The Girl Scout volunteer does the program a favor when she shows up, the service team is not doing her a favor by supporting her.
  5. The Girl Scout volunteer is not someone to argue or match wits with.
  6. The Girl Scout volunteer is the person who brings the support team her wants: it is the support team's job to fill those wants.
  7. The Girl Scout volunteer is part of our council, she is not an outsider.
  8. Girls and adult volunteers are not cold statistics!
  9. The girls and the adult volunteers are the ones who make it possible to pay the professionals their salaries.
  10. The Girl Scout volunteer is deserving of the most courteous and attentive treatment that the support staff can give her!
  11. The adult volunteer is the lifeblood of Girl Scouting.