For Everything

by LaDonna Albert

Brought to you via Neil Savage's "Appreciating Girl Scout/Guide Volunteers" Compilation

For every step taken on a wet and rocky trail.
For every reminder note you didn't forget to mail.
For every skinned knee you attended,
For every broken heart you mended.
For every burnt camping meal you ate,
For every late parent on which you had to wait.
For every tearful disappointment you heard,
For every time you could've . . . but didn't say a word.
For every ounce of laughter to a little girl you brought,
For every midnight giggle your tired ears have caught!
For every tear you've shed as they've grown up through the years.
For every one of your Girl Scouts, now full of confidence, not fears.
For every song you've sung,
For every song you'll sing . . .
Thank you . . . Girl Scout Leader . . . simply put . . . everything!