Helping the Girls Remember to Bring Things

Wendy Baker
Sparks Guider, Pathfinder Guider, Craft Trainer, Potential Trainer, Chair of Division Composite Camp, District Commissioner
Central Area, Ganaraska Division, Sugarbush District

Explaining to Girls this age that part of Guiding is learning to be responsible for your own things. Do a whole evening: On this theme. Have the girls do role playing where one is suppose to bring something and she forgets and it ruins the whole evening......I have done this with my Pathfinders.....they always forget and I am very forgiving. I never blame them or ":give them trouble" as they say.....but in the long run I think that they are getting better at remembering things. I never give out notes to Pathfinders but I do find that it helps with Sparks to send out a Newsletter which sets out what the theme of each meeting is an if there is anything that they need to bring or do for that meeting......I have my Pathfinders do a similar thing to plan their meetings but it is there responsibility to keep their calendar up to date.

Guides will still forget but if you turn the tables on them "and do a meeting where you forget things in a funny way" they may remember.