Inventory of a Leader

Tuesday, June 24, The Hartford Courant

Brought to you via Neil Savage's "Appreciating Girl Scout/Guide Volunteers" Compilation

Today I stood in my doorway
And watched my Scout troop leave,
And I pondered then the question
Of the kind of a leader I want to be.

I'd want them to follow my every move
In building a cook-out fire,
But how would I feel if they followed my lead
In venting wrath at injured pride?

They do right well to keep in mind
The lessons I've taught on bearing a flag
But oh, how sorry I'd be to find
That their tongue should ever idly wag!

I really feel good when their voices ring
With joy at singing the songs I've taught,
But could I feel good at my conscience's sting
If they ever knew evil things I ought not?

Yes, today I stood and watched them go
And today I could only pray
For guidance and wisdom to help me show
These girls of mine the better way.

Today I was given a lesson to learn
And a charge to hold in trust
For Girl Scouting won't stop with badges we earn
But challenges me to become what I must.

I'm challenged to love when loving is hard
To forgive when it's bitter to do.
I'm challenged at all times to be on guard
That my actions and words will be true.

But I'm glad that this is my challenge
For I know beyond any doubts
That I'm better by far than ever I'd be
Without that troop of Girl Scouts.