Skit/Dialogue ... "My daughter's just turned seven..."

Brought to you via Neil Savage's "Appreciating Girl Scout/Guide Volunteers" Compilation

PARENT: My daughter's just turned seven, She'd like to join your ranks.
TRAINER: Oh, good! We need new leaders.
PARENT: I have no time, but thanks.
TRAINER: I'm sure you'll like it fine.
PARENT: I said I have no time.
TRAINER: The training starts on Monday, Sign on the dotted line.
PARENT: My daughter's just turned nine, She'd like to fly up now.
TRAINER: The Leader's Guide will tell you, The where, the when, the how.
PARENT: I'm really rather beat, I'd like to take a rest.
TRAINER: You don't know what you're saying, The next three years are the best.
PARENT: My daughter thinks it's time, Some camping she should do.
TRAINER: Well Girl Scout camp is just the place, We'll go along with you.
PARENT: I cannot sleep on cots, It hurts my back and head.
TRAINER: You really needn't worry, You'll never get to bed!
PARENT: My daugher tells me now, That day camp is the thing.
TRAINER: We need a dance director, and someone who can sing.
PARENT: I cannot dance a step, I cannot sing a song.
TRAINER: Well ten days in our day camp, We'll prove to you you're wrong.
PARENT: My daughter is now 12, I've really had it now
I've hiked and camped and cooked outdoors, You name it-I know how.
TRAINER: But can you really say, You haven't had some fun?
Do come and learn about Cadettes, Your work has just begun.
PARENT: My daughter is fifteen now, As leader, I am through.
TRAINER: You can't stop now when, Seniors need advisors just like you.
PARENT: I have another girl, Now she is seven, too.
TRAINER: Well aren't you glad you're so well-trained. You know just what to do.
PARENT: Oh, yes, indeed I know, I'm quitting Scouts today.
TRAINER: But surely you have learned by now, you never get away.
TRAINER: And then the sad occasion comes. (S)he ends her(his) worldly care. "Welcome," says St. Peter, "Your troop is over there."