Toast to the Long-Suffering Husband of the Volunteer Worker

Brought to you via Neil Savage's "Appreciating Girl Scout/Guide Volunteers" Compilation

Here's to the man-the poor, poor man
Whose busy wife does all she can
To make his home as precious as pearls,
While she's out "Scouting" with the girls.

He leaves for work in the gray, gray dawn,
The phone starts ringing the moment he's gone,
When he comes home he finds a note
And this is what his wifey wrote...

"Tonight I'll be a little late,
But on the table I put your plate,
Now don't forget to watch the stew
And keep your eye on the children, too.

That handkerchief I forgot to press,
But I couldn't wear a wrinkled dress!
I have an appointment to keep, you see
Tomorrow, I'll try to iron you three.

The laundry brought your shirts today
But I didn't get them put away.
Just clean a place upon the shelf,
I do feel I should have done it myself.

I had to use the car, today,
I backed it out the very same way
I've seen you do it ten times or more
But, darling, I hit the old garage door.

I'll have to have it tomorrow, too
I'm taking the "Scouts" out to the zoo.
No, it won't take much gasoline,
And could you manage to wash it clean?

Of course it's raining, but please don't fret,
They couldn't possibly get the cushions wet.
Oh, yes, I remember the trip before
They only got mud on the seat and the floor.

No really, folks this isn't all true
But if it were, he'd see her through
He really thinks she's a pretty swell gal
And working with Scouts makes her a real pal.

So here's to the man, the lucky man,
Whose busy wife does all she can
To guide our daughters from strife and sorrow,
For they'll be the "Leaders of Tomorrow..."