Using Behaviour Contracts and a Suggestion

Marianne Mitchell
Guider 167th Nepean 'Andover' Rangers
Ontario, Canada

First of all, if the girls will be subject to a behaviour contract, then the Guiders should be too. It will be a way to show the girls that the Guiders are also a part of the group, and that they too have rules they have to follow.

Secondly, I'm not too thrilled about the idea of behaviour contracts being widely used. If you set up your rules and expectations well and clearly at the beginning of the year -- including discussing with the girls what they think would be appropriate action to take in different situations (ie- how many meetings can a girl miss without calling before she is given a warning and asked to seriuosly consider her commitment to the unit) -- then a written behaviour contract should be unnecessary.

However, that said, contracts can be *very* valuable when a behaviour problem has arisen in the unit -- especially one which is repeated frequently by a particular individual. Then a special contract should be written, *with* the girl participating, and everything being worded clearly and explained carefully so she understands what it means, and what is being expected of her.

For example, if 'Susie' has a short temper and frequently argues with other girls, you could sit down with her and establish a contract that would include the following:


You might also want to include something from the Guiders, pledging a way in which they will help Susie to keep the contract.


Good Luck!