Aquarium Jello

Melissa Austin
Brownie Troop 298
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

I took 6 boxes of blue jello (it takes that many to fill a goldfish bowl. ) I put the jello into a big goldfish bowl. I let it sit for awhile so it had started to firm a bit. Then I added gummy fish, and gummy octopus to the jello. The girls all thought this was the neatest thing (I have young brownies). You could also make individual aquariums using small clear cups.

Leeh McArthur
Brownie/Junior Troop 613 -Totem Council
Seattle, Washington, United States

This also works well pouring the mixed blue jello (jiggler recipe) into individual baggies and putting fish in to make a stream. The jello sets up around the fish or octopus, the girls can carry them and peel the baggie off to eat.