Camp Booklets

Quebec Citiy, Quebec

We prepare a camp booklet

Depending on the theme, this booklet will contain word searches, puzzles, facts, program notes, autograph page, diary pages, knot pages, etc. If the patrols are involved in patrol camping/cooking, then recipes can be included also. Scavenger hunts or other nature pages can be added. The possibilities are endless!

We include program work in the booklets so the girls will have to use them, and not throw them on the ground or use them as firestarter.

Each girl receives one during opening ceremonies. During rain or STA's (Spare Time Activities) the girls can colour, draw, do puzzles, etc. in their booklets. They have become quite popular, and once again, this idea is easily adapted to the different age groups and group dynamics. Make these booklets exciting and fun and they will be a keepsake of a memorable camp!

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