Box Ovens

Cathy Bruce Purdy
Leader, trainer, committee member Lone Star Council
Austin, Texas, USA

I have a big heavy cardboard box about 20" long by 15" wide and 15" deep. It needs to hold a 13x9x2 pan with a few inches all the way around. I cut mine so that it sits on its side and the door flap opens downward like a real home oven does. I ask the grocery guy to cut it open that way on 3 sides. You can also use a box with a top.

Line the inside with about 3 layers of HD foil shiny side towards inside of box (so you can see it). It is best to use long pieces that go from outside to inside and outside again. Then do the short side, long side etc. Crimp them really good on the outside.

You will need 9" square foil pans - one for each meal. These hold your coals, 4 empty soup cans with labels peeled and a rock or sand inside them to weight them down. They should all be the same height. These hold your cake cooling rack which is your oven shelf. If I need to cook lots I have a 3-tiered cookie cooling rack that I cook on. You also need a pan to cook in.

I like to use an oven thermometer to tell me temperature. Follow coal guidelines..I think it is 10 or 15 degrees per coal, that is something I always have to look up. I always make extra though !

Start coals, make food, put cans and rack in, put coals into foil pan when ready and put UNDER the cake rack on the oven bottom. I use a pan so that my oven does not burn and can reuse it with just lining it with more foil each time. You can also take pan in and out to add more coals as needed or take some out if too hot. Do NOT blow on coals or stir them with food in oven or add or subtract coals.

Preheat oven with door closed (set a rock against it) and then put food into oven and bake til done. 9x9 pans work best. Cakes and muffins are good, casseroles, anything you can bake at home. It might take a bit longer than conventional home oven, but that's what songs are for !

We like to do the boboli pizzas this way..I don't like homemade crust as it is too puffy. Besides they are cooked and only need to heat enough to melt cheese !

You want to be sure to set your box on top of something that won't be harmed by heat; a cement table or the grill is great. Be sure girls observe all fire safety rules;distance, 2 cooks only near, tie hair up, have source to put it out, hot pads, tongs..etc !

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