Dishes at Camp

Luanne Taylor
Pathfinder Guider
MacKenzie, British Columbia

We solved the "drying the cooking dishes" problem by making a kind of hammock out of an old sheer curtain between two trees... All the pots, pans, cooking utensils and bowls are stacked upside down in the hammock, which kind of curls right over the top of them, keeping "anything you don't want" out! As long as the knots used to tie to the trees don't slip, your cooking dishes are clean, dry and out of the way, without taking up non-existent counter/storage space... It works for us!

Lela Arnes
San Jacinto Council
Houston, Texas

We follow the same practices in my council, 3 pans of water, etc. and air dry the dishes. To help with this and because there is always a complaint about lack of space we suggest: use plastic milk crates (they can also be bought at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, office supply stores, etc) and hang them from the ends of the rafter of the kitchen shelter, or from a tree limb. Cover with a cloth to keep the bugs or dust off. Our Adult Training Center (where our troop leaders take their outdoor/camp certification courses) has these available, so the leaders learn about them from the very beginning. Great way to tote the dishes, etc. to camp (if you have to bring your own).

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