Reflector Oven

Donna Haggerty
Cadette - Senior Group 3033 Advisor, Co-SUM, Co-Out-Door-Program Consultant, Co-Organizer, Program Consultant, Council Delegate, Service Unit Cookie Manager, Experienced Trainer , Girl Scouts of Genesee Valley Council
Arcade, New York, USA

I have made a reflector oven out of cookie sheets, not sure how well I can describe it but I'll give it a shot.


5 large rectangular cookie sheets
screws & wing nuts
1 drawer handle

2 of the cookie sheets are used for the ends, the other 3 are the reflector part and the shelf. The ends stand upright on one of the short ends, with the lips of the pans facing out. The shelf goes between the 2 pans in the middle, lip up. Drill 2 holes in the center of each end pan, and corresponding holes in the short ends of the shelf. Fasten together using screws and wing nuts, with the wingnuts on the outside.
The remaining 2 cookie sheets are used to make the reflectors. This is a side view looking in through the end piece. The angles aren't right but this is the best I could draw. They should be 45 degree angles with the pans touching each other at the rear of the oven.
               l     /                               

               l  /                                


               l \
               l  \

Drill 2 holes on each end of the bottom reflector pan and corresesponding holes in the end pieces. Fasten together with screws and wing nuts, with the wing nuts on the outside.
For the top reflector pan, drill only one hole in each end, near the top corner. Attach the drawer handle in the center of the opposite long side.
Attach the top reflector pan, using screws and wing nuts, with the wing nuts on the outside.
          l                      X l
Side view:
          l                         l
          l                         l
X = screw holes
          l                         l
       + l                         l
+ = drawer pull
          l X                   X  l
          l X                       l
          l                          l
          l                          l
          l                          l
          l_____________ X l

This gives you a door for your oven. You can use the handle to lift the top reflector pan up, to check your food, from the rear. while it is cooking. This way you don't have to get between your oven and the fire. Always be sure to use black baking pans when using your oven.

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