Choosing Tent Groups

Marianne Mitchell
167 Nepean 'Andover' Rangers
Ottawa,Ontario, Canada

Girls in Unit get along well together

The girls can decide among themselves wisely who to sleep with.
But this doesn't happen too often - usually only with the younest or the oldest kids.

Draw the Names from a Hat

This meas that the girls are usually mixed up with different friends for a change, but it is also done randomly enough that the girls feel it's fair and dont' complain.

Guiders choose

This usually creates the best combination of girls in tents -- split up best friends so they have to interact with others, but also separate those who do not get along very well. However, the girls sometimes objected to our choices. This can be overcome by telling them you are drawing names from a hat -- provided you can overcome the ethical problem of lying to them.

Girls give written choices

Ask the girls to write down their first, second and third choices of who they want to be paired with. Tell them they will get at least one of their choices. Then make up the tent groups according to these choices. It may take longer, but you can usually give everyone their first choice, or at *least* their second choice, so they are happy and you are happy because you can eliminate problem matches.

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