Turkey in a Garbage Can

Claudia Lister
PEI Training Commissioner, Guider 1st Montague Pathfinders
Prince Edward Island

Start by heating charcoal briquets in a pile in a firepit. You will need lots. Put a heavy wooden stake in the ground and cover the exposed part with tinfoil.

Put your turkey (Butt down, my daughter says!) on the stake; that is, impale it. Surround your stake with one layer of hot coals and place a metal bucket over the turkey. Now put coals on top of metal bucket and around it's outer rim. This bucket should not quite reach the ground. Now put a large clean metal garbage can over the whole thing so your coals are inside. Prop the garbage can up off the ground just enough to let air in by putting some rocks or sticks between the ground and the bottom edge.

Depending on size, a couple of hours will cook a small turkey, and it's delicious.

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