Cooking with a Wheelbarrow

Karen McNaughton
Troop 250
Girl Scout Council of Greater Saint Louis

Line a wheelbarrow with heavy foil and dump in the charcoal. It might take up a lot of space to get there, but it works once it's there and it won't scorch the ground. You can throw in some one inch rocks to help air circulate under the starter coals. You can either stick-cook, set dutch ovens on top of coal or bring along the grill off another barbecue to do foil packs. Wrap the ashes in the foil to dispose and your done.

If the wheelbarrow is too deep, throw some potting soil in the bottom. When your done, use the soil to plant something. Just watch the dirt on the way home. You might want to recycle cups with lids and just plant seedlings.

If your girls are inspired to wheel each other around, make sure they know how easy they can tip over.

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