Guiding Jeopardy

Quebec City

As a learning tool and fun activity, my girls love to play Jeopardy! We had teams and each team had a horn they had to punch to sign in first. That was creative, too! We had to have a referee (a parent) to judge who was first, and we awarded points similar to the TV Show. The prize was a bag of crests and what-nots that each team member could pick from. Bingo supply stores seem to have a wealth of small, trashy articles that the girls love.

You can easily set up a large piece of posterboard and beg some card envelopes from your librarian and using index cards you can create a very effective jeopardy game board.

As you can see, some of the answers have been worded to cause quite a bit of hilarity amongst the contestants. I have several off-beat answers, myself!!

We had different catagories:

(Remember, all answers are to be in the form of a question?? So where there are question marks, the correct 'answer' would be: What is a ...?)


A small area designated for rinsing teeth. ?spit pit

Carry these on end to camp to prevent breakage. ?eggs

Before leaving, make sure it's out. ?fire

These two knots are used to hoist a flag.?clove hitch and sheet bend

This is a time for reflection at camp. ?Guide's Own

This is the method for washing dishes at camp.?1. Hot water and soap ?2. Hot water ?3. Hot water & disinfectant.

Brailings, guy ropes, and runners. ?parts of a tent

Fuzz stick, pine gum, and candle ends. ?firestarters

We need these 3 things to start a fire.?Fuel, heat, air

Stand with feet apart and your back to the tent while doing this. ?peg a tent

First Aid

Wash gently with soap and water. ?Treat a wound

Press a guaze pad with your fingers and thumb. ? Stop Bleeding

Pinch gently but firmly below bony part for 10 to 20 minutes. ?Stop a nosebleed.

Providing more blood flow to the brain will prevent this. ?Fainting.

Put in warm, loose clothing, cover with blanket, and heat gradually. ?Treating frostbite.

Tiny, watery bumps break out when you touch this plant. ?Poison ivy

Exposure to cold, wet & windy weather can cause this. ?Hypothermia

Tensor, adhesive, and triangular. ?Types of bandages.

A waterproof container with a tight-fitting lid. ?first aid kit

Wear a hat with a brim to prevent this. ?Sunburn

World Centres

This is situated 47 miles from Mexico City. ?Our Cabana

This World Centre's name means "growing together". ?Sangam

These initials stand for the association that runs the Centres. ?WAGGGS

This Centre began in 1932. ?Our Chalet

This craft, made at a World Centre, is made from clay pots decorated and filled with peanuts. ?Pinata

The first line of this World Center song begins with, "High up, high on the mountain..." ?Our Chalet Song

This is the 4th World Centre. ?Sangam

Winter sports are very popular here. ?Switzerland or Our Chalet

Helen Storrow financed the building of this World Center. ?Our Chalet

This was the original name of Pax Lodge. ?Our Ark


This became official on Feb. 15, 1965. ?Canada Flag

3 aluminum trays held together with wire make this camp oven. ?Reflector

This is a favourite snack for Mug Up. ?S'mores or whatever they say!

She was born Feb. 22, 1889. ?Olave St. Clair Soames

She was called the Grandmother of Girl Guides. ?Agnes Baden Powell

This popular gadget needs only 3 poles. ?Tripod

This knot is flat. ?Reef knot (or square knot)

Shealth, pocket and jack. ?types of knives

Our Motto. ?Be prepared

We promise to keep this when we are enrolled. ?Guide Law

Guide History

The 85th Anniversary was held in this year. ?1995

CPFS was formed in 1952. ?Canadian Packs on Foreign Soils

Lady Pellatt, first Chief Commissioner for Canada, lived in this Capital City. ?Toronto

In 1988 an International Camp was held in this province. ?Echo Valley, Saskatchewan

Pathfinders began in this year. ?1979

This fund, begun in 1949, helps with Mutual Aid. ?Canadian World Friendship Fund

An international Camp was held in this province in 1977. ?Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

In 1910, the first Guide Company was registered here. ?St. Catherines, Ont.

This was the year Lord Baden-Powell was born. ?1857

An International Camp held at Doe Lake, Ont. in this year. It was the 100th anniversary of Lord B.P.'s birth. ?1957

Naturally, you will want to change the History bits if you live outside Canada. Feel free to change anything to suit yourself - these are mine and no copywright laws will be broken.

Also, you will have to decided which questions are worth the value of 100, 200, 300 points, etc. Depending on the skills of your girls, many could be difficult.