Bridging Night with Guides

Jill Gordon
42nd Gloucester Pathfinders
Ottawa, Ontario

If you want to have a fun camp-focused bridging night with Guides, try a weekend camp in a night!
You need to have some enthusiastic Pathfinders to do this as Guiders can’t do this on their own.

You set-up camp (a tent that can stay up without pegs), have campfire and smores, play a night-time wide game (turn off the lights), have a breakfast meal to try (boiled eggs in a bag), do a rock hound (identify rocks and minerals you've hidden around the meeting room - PF Challenge), have a lunch (pizza bagels on a Coleman stove), do a quick craft, supper time (eat camp stew with chop sticks – PF Challenge), campfire (another wide game); Sunday, take down the tent, practice carrying a knapsack around the room (PF challenge) say your closing....

Did you realize that three different cooking methods could be used at this meeting (PF challenge)

So that's at least four challenges and a busy night. Each Pathfinder could take on specific parts of the evening as their area of leadership (oh, that's another Challenge or two).