Jumping Kim's Game

Nancy Roe
Abnaki GSC, Maine

Jumping Kim's game, my particular favorite!

I use this game in all training sessions because:
everybody enjoys it
it's always available in your troop box
the girls can modify it
the girls can use it to learn sharing, etc.

Jumping Kim's Game

Fill a small box (band-aid boxes are excellent) with about 20 items paper clip, a coin, a piece of chalk, needle, bobby pin, toothpick, etc.

Everyone stands in a circle.

First game person, usually the leader, or later on a girl, calls out "Jump". Everyone jumps 180 degrees, facing out of the circle. Game person removes one item and then calls out "Jump". Everyone is now facing back into the circle. Someone spots the missing item and raises hand. If she has spotted correct missing item she becomes game person. Continue UNTIL LEADER SAYS "ONLY TWO MORE TIMES" - good way to end any game!
Another good reason to play this game: if some people are awfully good at this, the awfully good person can say (with the leader's help) "Susie hasn't had a turn - would you like to be the game person?"
And, aren't the Kim's game a great way to bring in a bit of history, literature, etc.?