Meteor Shower and Astronomy Information

Liz LeDeoux
Brownie Troop 1546
Suffolk County GSC, NY

I just attended a wonderful program given by our County Parks Department and thought you might be interested in the following info about the "Night Skies".

I was also able to get enough copies of star charts for my entire troop from the SKY Publishing Company - call 1-800-253-0245 ( in US & Canada only) or visit and ask for the Getting Started in Astromony reprint.

Here are the best meteor showers through the end of 1998:

August 12-13, 1998. The Perseid shower is often the best performer of the year, and it's certainly the best-known.

October 20-23, 1998. This year the Orionids are free of moonlight.

November 17-18, 1998. The sky is dark and moonless on both of these mornings, when there's a chance of a great Leonid meteor storm.

December 13-14, 1998. The Geminids should be at their best from about 10 p.m. local time on the evening of December 13th until the thick waning crescent Moon rises around 3 a.m.

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