Barn Dance Compilation

Compiled by:
Margaret Kieser
South Africa

Hello all you gorgeous ladies (and our handsome 'hunks :-))

A while back I asked for - and received - ideas for a barn dance.

These are some of the ideas I received..

1. Use bandanas (red & Blue) as napkins, tied around things etc.
2. Pile bales of hay in a corner.
3. Display old lanterns (no oil!!), some farm implements, a washboard, cast iron skillets, dutch ovens and enameled pots.
4. Make some cardboard cows, horses (Thanks Nicki Merrell)
5. Anything with wheat stalks and daisys.
6. Red & white gingham tablecloths.
7. Use old bottles to put dried flowers and wheat in, tie red bandana around the neck.
8. Burlap sacks stuffed with batting as place name mementos. (Thanks Lea Ann Stevens)
9. Dough ornaments in shape of boots, cows etc, painted and hot glued to napkin holders.
10. Use twine as a napkin holder.
11. Old boots and cowboy hats filled with dried flowers.
12. Tie handfuls of straw with twine, secure nametag with a toothpick to this, and use as a placecard.
13. Stuff a scarecrow.
14. Any small gifts wrapped in bandanas or brown paper sacks and tied with twine. (Thanks Irish Kilbride)