Barn Dance Report

Submitted by:
Margaret Kieser
South Africa

NOW....... the report back on our Dance!! We sort of combined the barn dance theme with a little of the desert environment!

We made a display of bales of hay piled in front of a scenic painting. Our scarecrow was propped into one of the bales, and we had a leather sack and cactus plants sort of placed here and there. The main backdrop was hessian.

Our tables were covered with white cloths, blue overlays, and red serviettes. The centre piece of each table was made from a piece of crumpled hessian sacking, with 5 small succulents arranged in it (each couple was allowed to take one home!!). On two sides of this we had a candle in a brown paper packet (which had small patterns cut out of it). Each place setting also had a small calico bag (with a drawstring) into which we put one of those "jelly guns"

We also had my *Guiding* ropes strung all over the room, with knots that only someone in guiding or scouting would receognise!! Hehehe .... I just "had" to do this!

All of this under a thatched roof!!

The barn dancing was fantastic ....... although I could hardly move the next morning!!!

Thanks to the ladies here who gave me ideas! The party was a huge success.

Margaret Kieser
South Africa