Birthday Giggles!

Shelagh Walsh
Pathfinder Guider, Arts Trainer
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

We had a girl with Down's Syndrome in our Brownie unit. We were going round the pow-wow circle asking the girls to name themes for the upcoming camp. "Little Mermaid", "Circus", "Western" etc., etc. were being put forward, & when it came to the little girl with Down's (who had a birthday that day) all she would say was "BIRTHDAY!!"

At first the girls grinned, & continued with their suggestions. "Frankenstein", "Barbie", "Olden Days", "Space" ..... "BIRTHDAY!!"

After about the 3rd go round, the girls & Guiders were helpless with giggles, because it was so cute & everyone KNEW it was coming. Soon, other girls began to say "BIRTHDAY!!" along with her, & ... you guessed it....BIRTHDAY was unanimously elected as our camp theme.

The Guiders went away scratching our heads, but it turned out to be the most ingenious theme! All decoration of the Brownie cottage was easy! Balloons, streamers, etc. Crafts included personalized placemats, party hats, party favours. Games were all party games, & the traditional unit t-shirt was giftwrapped (with tissued paper dyed by the girls) & handed out at our last big night...the birthday party, complete with a surprise guest (me & my new baby, since I couldn't attend the whole camp.)

It was everybody's birthday, so every morning they greeted each other with "Happy Birthday" & I think we got BP's birthdays in there too. Our camp theme song? Happy Birthday to You!

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