British Ideas

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Cambridge UK

Sorry if some of the terms might be confusing to none-British folk:)

I was racking my brains for a craft for you but so many things are world wide now (its a small world!). My mind kept coming back to something in Brownie mag a while back:

Welsh love spoons
Traditionally a young man would carve an intricate design and present it to his fiance but in the mag the craft was to cut out a spoon shape in card and decorate it wit felt pens, punch a hole in the end of the 'handle' and thread a ribbon through to hang it up with. If you're doing this with Guides you could use wooden spoons and wittle a design. If you contact your County Arts Adviser she may know where you can locate a pyrography kit. Our county - (Cambs East) has a kit availabe to hire.

Someone in USA asked about clotted cream. I don't know how you achieve this but you could all make scones - any recipe book has these - and then top them with whipped double cream and fresh strawberries (they're still available, I saw some in Tesco's yesterday!)

Have fun