Cadettes in an "E" troop

I had similar problems and had to rethink my belief on participation when my own daughter wanted to quit. It was a killer for me. She was a National class athlete and academic at 12. But I believe Scouting gave her balance.

Here's where we ended up:
She did quit (giving me permission to stay ::stifled giggle:::) and I watched older girls continue to drop for similar reasons. Come campout time (or other similar event) they wanted to go if they could. I said no. It required troop participation- I thought.

I have reevaluated my thoughts on what *troop participation* entailed. I now have an unofficial group of individual scouts that stay in touch via E-Mail. I post events, they plan for themselves, let me know if they are going, bring their own equipment (or get in groups on their own with others that want to go)

We have no meetings, different girls each event, no dues, just them doing what they can. Now my daughter is more active than ever.

This group is growing. I didn't realize how many girls there were working as individuals that were out of the information loop. Now, I sit back and watch the group grow and branch out as parents join too. Seems one perk of all this is that parents that were too busy or afraid to commit can use this same method to be a part of scouting! Hope this helps give others some ideas :)