FACT Canoe Equipment List

First Annual Canoe Trip Equipment List

I am going to try to set up this table for the equipment list of the First Annual Canoe Trip (FACT) so that it is clearer to read and easier to see what we still need and who is bring what!

Equipment # needed Bringer Needed
Tents 2 Jane, Lori Perfect
One Burner Stoves 3 Jane, Lori, Susan perfect
Fuel for stove 6 Jane, Jill, Susan, and Lori perfect
2 Pots, one frying pan 1 set Lori and Leanne perfect
kettle 1 Lori and Leanne perfect
Paring knives 3 Jane (2), Lori perfect
serving spoon & egg flipper 2 sets Jill, and Lori more?
Dishsoap/dish cloth/scrubby 3 Jane, Susan and Jill Perfect
Dishpans and bleach 3 Jill Perfect
Mesh bag for drying dishes 3 Jane (2), Jill perfect
dry sack or bucket 3 Jane, Susan I'm trying to get another
Bear Bag and rope 1 Jill Perfect
tarps for under tent 2 Jane, Lori Perfect
Water Filters 2 Jane, Lori perfect
Cutting Board or plate 2 Jane, Lori Perfect
serving spoon and flipper 2 sets Jill, and Lori Jill - I have yours! Jane
Rope for clotheslines etc 3 Jane has 6 okay
Shelter (Tarp and rope) 1 Susan Perfect
trowel for toilet paper 1 Jill okay
wash basin 1 Lori perfect
solar showers 2 Jane and Lori perfect
Nylon bags for water bottles 2 Lori (2) perfect
map 3 Jane, Jill and Leanne perfect
compass ALL? Jane, Jill  

I think that we only need one of the following - so I have taken them out of the table. I have marked the 'bringer's' name after each article :-).

portable saw - Jane
propane lantern and fuel - Lori
first aid kit - Jill
tent and canoe repair kit - Jill
collapsible water bag - Jane

These are things that were on the original list and I'm questioning their necessity now.
a small hatchet ?

Each of us will require the following as Personal Gear:

For Canoeing

1/2 canoe
Bailers - Jane has them!!!

fire starters
notebook & pencil
camera (optional)

binoculars (optional)
2 one liter water bottles
squeeze water bottle
get even equipment
plastic bags


long pants
long-sleeved shirt
rain gear
track suit or pyjamas
bathing suit - even if we don't swim, the bathing suit might be useful for washing up in
hiking boots or running shoes
water shoes or sandals, for the shower or walking in water
sun hat
wool hat (to wear when sleeping, if camping in cold weather)
sunglasses & safety strap or string
cycling gloves (to prevent blisters from paddling) (optional)
********BUG JACKET*******(optional)
fleece jacket duffle bag or backpack that holds clothing, thermarest and sleeping bag if possible
sleeping bag
ground sheet
thermarest chair (optional)
small flashlight and batteries
camp towel - I had someone tell me that these are wonderful!
bug juice sun screen identification - Jill has been preparing this
deck of cards ******SNAFFU*********
spare set of car keys (have two people carry car keys on the trip)
complete change of clothes, washcloth and hair brush to leave in the car for the trip home

PACKING TIP...double bag it!

Most backpacks will leak if dropped into the water, or if exposed to rain for any length of time. This double-bagging system will keep gear dry under any conditions:

seal articles that would absorb or be ruined by water in clear, heavy-duty freezer bags (e.g. Ziplock bags).
Pack each day's requirements in a zip lock bag (I label the bags too.)
Pack a bag of clothing in case you get soaked or dirty and need to change. Pack your night things in a bag as well.
I also have a bag with spare socks and panties in it.
Line the inside of your duffle bag with a large, thick, plastic bag (e.g. a garbage bag or commercially-available waterproof camping gear bag), pack each the lined compartment with your gear-filled freezer bags (above) and then tie or twist-tie the liner-bags shut to provide a second barrier against water.
Don't forget to waterproof your sleeping bag and toilet paper!
To waterproof your sleeping bag - take a lawn and garden heavy duty garbage bag and place it inside your stuff sack. Stuff your sleeping bag inside, and squeeze all the air out of the garbage bag before closing the mouth of the bag. Twist up the end of the garbage bag and then stuff it down inside the stuff sack, between the sack and the sleeping bag. The stuff sack will help to prevent the garbage bag from being punctured!

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