Barb Garber
44th Sparks/Guides
Windsor, Ontario,
South District, Webster Division
Trillium Area

I visited a Guide unit a few weeks ago and this is what they were doing. The third year guides take over the meeting. They did the opening, making the leaders take up places in the patrols, program, campfire and closing. It was great. The theme they picked was disabilities. They set up stations and at least one of the girls in each group knew something about what they did.

One group did lower limb mobility. They had the girls tie a dowel to the back of there leg so that their leg could not bend. They had the girls and leaders, put on pants and shoes this way and walk up stairs. They had a wheelchair to show what it's like to have to move around in one. Sight problems - they made glasses from wire and covered them in cellophane tape. The wearer had to put together a small puzzle and find their name on a paper. They had everyone draw a picture blindfolded and had handout on Braille.

Another station was sign language taught by girls who had some knowledge about it.

One of the best liked station was upper limb immobility. They prepared a snack the participants had to each snack and drink without using their hands or arms, quite fun. They also had to tie their shoe with one hand, not the dominant one.

I thought the girls did an excellent job with the theme. What ever the theme the girls will learn a lot from taking over the meeting. I heard comments from the third years like. "Make sure you put things away, the last group left a mess" and "You call this a circle" The leaders really enjoy the evening.

For campfire the unit used company song books that were made by some of the third years who collected songs for their program.

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