Fairy Myst Festival

Kristy McGuire
aka: Prairie-Dragon
Prairie GSC, Mississippi

I requested info from the list members awhile back and thanks to all of your help my Fairy Myst Festival became a dream come true. I have the overnighters packed to overflowing and had the extras to arrive Saturday morning. All in all about 150 people were there. (WHEW!) This was the first event of this size that I had directed and if it hadn't been from all of the help I received from everyone I wouldn't have pulled it off.

After five days of torrential downpours I wondered if it would be a soggy fairy festival. But clouds parted and the sun shone down making all of us light hearted and thankful (for not having to fight ponchos).

We made fairy wings out of white panty hose stretched over a coathanger (in pairs) used two rectangles of felt to hold the ends of the coathangers and inserted elastic loops between the felt pieces. We spray painted the wings in four different colors to seperate groups and then decorated with glitter.

We had fairy bread for a snack. Triangles of bread, buttered and sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles (hundreds and thousands).

My "wonderful sweetie" created a dragon shape out of chicken wire and then we covered it with black garbage bags and duct tape (LOVE THAT STUFF!) We spray painted it to create its eyes and scales. We used a paper towel roll (cut in two) for the teeth. We then spray painted two tarps and taped the whole project to a row boat, draping the tarps over the back of the boat. Mark then anchored it on the other side of a small island (you have to cross a swinging bridge to get there) This session was called the water quest where the girls had a mission to make sure the colors of the rainbow that the leprechaun had captured had been successfully returned to their apropriate places (a rainbow hike). The end of the hike was across the bridge where the girls saw the dragon. (it was a Hit). The girls named the dragon "Miss Kristy"; which happens to be my camp name (before the event).

The girls made fairy head pieces using wire garland and streamer ribbon. They also made pinecone people for a nature craft. Nature games were also played and everyone just raved over the event (blush, blush).

I have to thank all of you who gave suggestions and places to go for info. I really was stumped in the beginning about where to go, but it all worked out and now I have my life back. I will lose it again next spring as this will be a council wide event for Brownies and Daisies (Daisies on Sat). I am so excited and know that the one in the spring will be so much better because I'll know what to improve on.

We gave the troops the option to spend the night or come in Saurday morning. Those who spent the night each had a part of the campfire program to conduct. We sang "Little Bunny Foo-Foo" and "White Coral Bells". Along with a few other "camp" favorites pertaining to animals of the woods.

We had poems that the leaders read while the girls did actions to.

My WONDERFUL Assistant and I, along with a few other helpers, cut, bent, sewed and stretched pantyhose over clothes hangers and then - sewed, spray painted, glued glittered, attatched and sorted over 100 pairs of wings for the girls. We devided the groups up to get about 25 girls per group and colored the wings to identify these groups. Those who spent the night had them delivered to their campsite during the night (we let the leaders know ahead of time). The others received theirs when they came Saturday morning.
As far as activities:

  • We have a very short trail at camp called the "Fairy Trail" and the girls walked this trail picking up sticks along the way to create a pinecone person at the end of the trail.
  • The craft hut held the activity of making fairy head-dresses. We used wire garland and curly ribbon streamers. The girls were sized up with the wire, They twisted it to fit and then tied on the ribbon streamers. Some got creative with left over feathers.
  • The other hike was two-fold; it included a rainbow hike, telling the girls that they had to help the fairies make sure that the colors were all in their appropriate places since the Leprechaun tried to rob the rainbow for his pot of gold. Then they had the quest of crossing a swinging bride to get to a small island in the lake to see a dragon we had anchored to the opposite side of the island. The girls all got a kick out of our "chicken wire and garbage bag" painted creation. We taped it to a row boat (duct tape is such a marvelous thing!)
  • There were nature games played and trading post visits and all had a great time.
  • All I can say is that the imagination really was put to the test on this one and if it hadn't been for the support from list members and friends I wouldn't have been able to pull it off.

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