Hallowe'en Father and Daughter Party

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Ann's story about their fall event brought to mind one that I used to do with my girls for Halloween/Juliette Low's birthday.

We would have a father/daughter (or me & my guy) costume party & cook out. We had costume contests, hot dogs, smores, played games, had a pinata, etc. The prizes were all things that I got donated by area businesses. My biggest challenge was trying to keep the guys from building a huge bonfire- telling them it only needed to be big enough for atmosphere since we use our resources wisely.

It was great fun to see how much the guys got into this! I've had couples come as a doctor & nurse, a harem girl & sheik, Robin Hood (yes, dad was in tights) & a dragon. One dad was the Big, Bad Wolf & his daughter was Little Red Riding Hood. They were really creative even though they did magnify gender bias.

We also had the girls bring non-perishable food items as their birthday party gift for donation to the local food bank. This aspect still occurs in several service units in our area although they have varying types of birthday celebrations.

I'm sure there are other creative ideas out there for fall activities...