Hippy Ideas

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Winchester U.K.


My Mum did a test camp with the theme of the 60's and here are the things I can remember that they did.

1) There was only two patrols and they were called the 'mods' and 'the rockers'. This could be adapted to make the names of two teams in a contest of 'it's a knock-out'.

2) The girls had really bright scarves made for the camp in hippy style clothes.

3) Instead of "rest hour" you could call it "chill out time" or some-thing like that!

4) make hippy hair bands and have a session where the girls plat (braid) each other's hair.

5) Make flowers out of tissues (Kleenex) and bag ties. (if you want details then mail me)

6) daisy chains

7) fancy dress as hippies

8) each patrol make up a hippy type dance to a sixties song

9) make life size Guitars out of cardboard to chill out with

10) Quiz on events in the sixties

O.K. I've run out of ideas now.
Have fun!!!