Intrigue - The Wide Game

Sue Hutchinson
Willow Bluffs Area Drama Trainer

The 10th Markham Guides are having their Experienced Camp in June and we have come up with the Intrigue as our theme. Taken from two ideas in the March Canadian Guider, we have developed a Wide Game that will be both program-oriented and fun at the same time.

The camp are delegates on their way to an International Conference on Peace, when their small single-engine plane crashes in the Canadian Wilderness. The Leaders are unable to assist since they all sustained injuries in the crash (Discovery Girls chose for 1 leader who is always the delegator to be in shock and lose her memory, another to have a fractured collarbone and lacerations, a third to be termporarily blinded, and myself to be treated for a broken foot and shock.) The gilrs will have some materials to make a shelter, treat for 1st aid, find a water source, make a compass out of wreckage, and learn how to ration food. I can't wait to see how they are going to carry this very large Guider from site to site.

Should be quite a riot.

Oh yes...there is also a cache of diamonds on board. The girls have to figure out who the diamond smuggler was and locate the diamonds by following clues and trail signs to them. At the end, they will use the diamonds (beads) to make a diamond friendship necklace each and pouch to remind them of the camp.

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