Laura Wilder Theme

Submitted by:
Martha B.

[A quick note: Laura Wilder wrote the "Little House on the Prairie" series of books]

Just wanted to thank everyone who replied for my help with Laura Wilder Weekend.

We just got back and had a great time.

The girls dressed like Laura in long skirts and bonnets. I made about 10 bonnets so I feel like I could live in those times.

The activites were great.

On Friday night a lady came dressed as they would then and had a lot of exhibits for the girls and they talked all about life back then.

Saturday was full of activites. We made ice cream with a hand cranked ice cream maker, dipped candles, made pomander balls, string painting and weaving. Other activites included cross stitch, embroidery, quilting and cooking.

Alot of the recipes and activites came from Laura Wilder books and when possible they had cards there from the books explaining the activites.

It was a great time and the girls had a ball. Thanks for all your replies and help.