A Bit About Debbie's Mall Lock In

Debbie Lindsey

For starters, we are a town of about 90,000 people. The mall is not huge but has 4 majors stores like Penneys, Dillards, Sears and Service Merchandise. Has lots of little stores through out. We have done the lock-in for the 7 years I have lived here. The event starts on Saturday night at 10:00pm when mall closes and goes all night till 6:00 am Sunday morning. This year the cost is $8.00 per girl. The theme is "Groovin the Night Away. The event is for juniors. Program aides come to help. The night will begin with dancing with a DJ from music from the 50's, 60's and 70's. The dinner consisting of Hamburger, fries and coke. Then the girls will move along three different stations. Do activities like games of the eras, crafts of the eras and dance lessons. Snack will be a coke float. Breakfast will be juice and muffins. I can send you a schedule if you want one. We contact the mall and they charge us nothing. We arrange for dinner meal from food vendor. We also give everyone a patch.

I have also done a smaller scale service unit brownie event on fashion and make up. We did not do it in the mall but at a church. The thing about the mall you can't come in until the mall closes so younger girls have a hard time staying up.

I have a committee of people who help pull of the event. One in charge of crafts, one in charge of games, one in charge of program aides, etc.

It is the most popular event in our council. We have girls come from out of town too. Average turnout is 300 to 400 girls.

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