Lock In Activities for a Large Group


We have had sing-alongs with instrumentals, C & W Line dancing, cheerleading, folklorico demos, style shows, all depending on the theme, but we always begin with going over a list of troop responsibilities and kapers that each troop receives. Remember, less talk, more activity will hold attention better and lead to fewer "I'm bored" complaints early in the evening. Unless you have excellent microphones and acoustics, skits can be deadly past the first few rows of girls.

In the wee hours of the morning, from 2 - 5:30 am, the night owls play all- night Bingo with a wonderful supply of "girl prizes" like from video stores, movie theatres, ice cream places, earring shops, etc.

BTW, our all-council event is the annual Junior Mall Lock-in which has 300-400 girls and is a proven retention tool.

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