Meal Theme Ideas

Laura College Station,TX

The request for theme meals ideas was mentioned a day or two ago. I will name a few, and if you would like more specific information on them I will be glad to send it your way.

-Pajama Breakfast

-Backwards Dinner

-Monk Meal

-Singing Meal

-Stop and Go Dinner

-Toga party dinner

-50's dinner

-60's dinner

-Shipwreck Supper

-No Bow Dinner

-Dress up your counselor (or leader)

-Dress as your favorite cartoon / movie/ tv etc character

-Sing down dinner

-Dress from the future meal

-One untensil dinner

-Compass hunt Breakfast

(please note if I designated something dinner /breakfast etc.. it can really probably be any meal, just used what I am used to them being).

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