Medieval Dinner

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Becky Vincent
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I have been to a couple of medieval themed camps for girls of that age.

1) Have a medievel dinner. Everyone must come dressed up as a medievel character. At an AGGIE event in Hamilton years ago, (big provincial Sr. Branch event) they had this sort of dinner and the organizers had hired someone to come and play the part of King Arthur, and another as his faithful jester! They presided at the high table and we had all sorts of dining etiquette to follow. Such as, no forks, seeing as there weren't any in the middle ages. Food placed on the table got passed to the left only, and if you were sitting at the left hand end of the table you had to get up and walk the food down to the right hand end of the table again. People could propose toasts and everyone had to answer in the correct fashion. There were other rules too but I can't remember them... but I do remember that if you broke the rules (such as passing a plate of buns to the right), there were "punishments" involved - anything from having to stand in front of the assembly and apologize to being put in stocks for a few minutes. Hee hee! That is one dinner I will never forget.