Medieval Tournament

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Becky Vincent
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Have a tournament. We did this a couple of years ago at Camp Woolsey during the LIT week. Teams of girls made cardboard horses (basically a cardboard box, worn like how you see in comic books a person wears a barrel when they've lost their clothes) (hope that made sense), with a cardboard cut-out head and tail attached to each end. Girls wore cardboard armor and "jousted", riding these horses and using pool noodles as lances. We also had an archery contest (using nerf bows and arrows although with that age group real bows and arrows would've been OK too). Also a quarterstaff contest and swordfights, complete with cardboard-decorated shields and half pool-noodles attached to a wooden handle as swords. What great fun! There were prizes for the girls who "won" (judging the contests wasn't always easy, though).