More Hippy Ideas

Submitted by:
Barb Wright
Southern Vancouver Island Area
Victoria, B.C. Canada

As a former hippy wanna be (I was only 14 during the Summer of Love in '68), I remember the following:

-long dresses
-bare feet or sandals
-mascara and black eyeliner on the lower lid
-long straight undyed, unsprayed, uncurled (unwashed!) hair
-headbands made by tying old ties around our heads
-making candles
-tie-dying white velvet then framing it as art!
-brown rice
-making big square bags -- sew three sides together, hand sew rope, braid etc up one side, large loop for shoulder strap, then down other side
-painting flowers, hearts, peace symbols on our bodies, clothes, bags....
-cutting open outside seam of jeans from knee down and sewing in triangle of paisley fabric
-paisley fabric!
-giant floor pillows
-listening to George Carlin records
-floor-length vests
-anything from India
-pretending to like sitar music

Now that's a different take on the Teenaged daughter thing -- can you imagine how OUR parents felt!!!! Boy are we lucky (and personally, I *like* the fact that my daughter wears her hair long and straight like I did at her age!)