Mystery Dinner with a GS Theme

Carol McLane
Michigan Trails GS
Portland Troop #300

I did a mystery dinner once for my troop and their Parents. My troop was only 5 girls so we had about 9 people there. I and my son did all the serving without problem. If you had a LARGER group you might want to recruite help. It was really fun. I prepared the menu first and then I scoured the junior hand book to try to figure out badges or activities that "fit" the menu item. For instance for Relishes - I used Exploring Healthy Eating and World Neighbors. The badges mention Olives and Pickles (at least they did when we did this dinner. I don't know about the new badge book). For the Lemonade, the badge was Business Wise because the badge showed a girl running a lemonade stand. Do you get the idea?

There was a menu pick for each part of the meal, salad, main course, vegatable, potato, desert as well as fork, spoon, knife and beverage. When the people arrived they were given a Junior Badge book and the Mystery Dinner Menu that listed all the badges. They had to look up each badge and try to figure out what it represented. Then they had to rank the badges in order that they wanted to have the dinner served.

To serve the dinner, each person received the first thing that they picked. One person may receive their salad first while another may receive their potato first. After everyone had their first "course" then we proceeded to Course two. and the meal continued in that fashon

After all the courses were served, I gave them real plates and put the dishes on the table so that they could have seconds of anything.

Everyone had a great time and it was the hit of the year. At the end I also gave everyone a Key to the menu and what each badge meant. Remember that this several years ago and the badges may have changed.

Relishes - Exploring Healthy Eating and World Neighbors
Badges mention Olives and pickles

Potato - Print Graphics
Badge activity is to use a potato to create a print block

Utensils - Outdoor cook
Part of the chart includes "equipment needed" (It would be more fun to divide the knife/fork/spoon up :-}

Salad - World of Well-being Dabbler
Activity has you getting involved in a community garden plot or a rooftop garden

Lemonade - Business Wise
The patch shows a girl running a lemonade stand

Vegetable - Outdoor fun in the City
Activity 9 refers to being involved in a garden

Meat - Food, farbers & Farming
Several activities mention meat, raising it or the source of our meat

Cake - Plants & Animals
Activity 5 refers to growing a plant from a pineapple head. The cake was a pineapple upside down cake

As much as possible, have the menu pre-served. For instance, the salad was already in the bowls, relishes were on small plates, lemonade was poured and cake was cut and on desert plates. That way the only things that needed to be dished up was the hot things. I think I did Ham, augrautin potatoes and green beans.

I had done this at my church where we had about 15 different items to choose from. That included the utensils seperatly and included a napkin, toothpicks and several other "courses".

This was great fun and would be fun to do it again

Hope you have a great time!

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