Mystery Dinner

Jane Maddin
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Orleans, Ontario

I have had a mystery Dinner, not one set around a murder mystery, but one where all the food it named with a theme in mind. I think the theme that we used was Treasure Island, and all of the food stuffs, and the cutlery etc was named for something in the theme.

The day before the dinner we were each given a paper with a list of the twenty things that dinner consisted of. Here are a few examples:

Gold coins
eye patches
pieces of eight
jolly roger's

The paper had four lists for the four courses that we were served. And we had to arrange the twenty articles into those four lists - without having the faintest idea of what we were going to be served!

So on the evening of the dinner, the cooks started bringing out our f articles per serving. I think I ate my dessert, had one of my two vegetables, along with my spoon, napkin and something else for the first course.

After each course ALL of that course is removed! It was a hoot.

I think that we had salad, two vegetables, chicken, rice and pineapple sauce, along with a dessert, spoon, knife, fork, napkin. The drinks were always available. I can't remember all the other things that were offered to make a total of twenty, but it really was fun.

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