Girl's Night Out

1st Pasadena Pathfinders
Newfoundland, Canada

This Friday night we're having a "Girl's Night Out". Can't wait. I think it's going to be a lot of fun...I hope the girls do too!

Here's what's planned:

MARY KAY COSMETIC session - a representative will be coming in to give a talk and a presentation. We've told the girls the maybe not everyone will get the opportunity to have a make-over, so everyone is to bring their own make-up and have fun with each other from what they've learned.

Having made themselves up...we'll be having a game of Fashion Relay. I have TONS of old clothes I've been gathering for a yard sale, so I'm bringing this along. The girls are divided into two teams. Two piles of clothing are placed at the end of the room. In relay fashion the girls race to the end of the room, dress as fast as they can in whatever they reach for first, then run back to the end of the line for the next person to run. The first team "dressed" wins. This should be hilarious.

Now all dressed up, the girls will go shopping...through old Sears Catalogues. We're giving them a budget of $150.00, out of which they are to buy everything from undies to coat and boots. They'll see how far $150.00 will take them.

Then we'll have a snack...a do-it-yourself indiviual size pizza.

Then the crafts begin. Later in the month we will be hosting a Sparks Fun Night. During our sleepover we will be making crafts to give the Sparks.

Then it's lights out..oh if our eyes only get to go out then, too!!!

Oh, forgot one thing. At the beginning of the year we decided to draw for Secret Sisters. Each gift was to be no more than $5. At various times throughout the year we have brought in gifts...Halloween, Christmas and Valentines. OF course, we all want to exchange Birthday Gifts, too. So on Friday night we will ALL celebrate our birthdays together. We're having a cake (white icing with green lettering and a trefoil in the middle) and exchanging our gifts.

We'll rise at 7:30 Saturday morning, hopefully to sunshine. Wash up and make breakfast. Clean ourselves up and pack things away. At 9:30 we'll have a small reflections ceremony and various awards will be presented. They don't realize it, I'm sure, but they have completed their Bronze Community and Home Emblems.

Then we're done...hopefully having had a wonderful time!

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