Pioneer Ideas

Submitted by:
Mary Ann Chick Whiteside
Fair Winds Girl Scout Council
Flint, Michigan USA

[A quick note: Laura Wilder wrote the "Little House on the Prairie" series of books]

My daughter is into Pioneer Days .. a Laura Ingles Wilder Little House on the Praire Fan, an American Girl lover...she suggests you go to to begin with and look for stuff.

Cooking ideas -- cook a turkey in a trash can; or corn on the cob.

Get embroidery hoops and white cloth and teach the girls to cross-stich (keep it simple and start it early so they keep the needlework by their side and work on it in "spare moments.)

Make natural dyes and dye some muslin, make mini quilts or work together on a big craft for a shelter.

Make rag dolls - no sewing, just tearing muslin and stuffing cotton. Make Jacob's Ladder from blocks of wood and ribbon. If the weather's right, try a three-legged race and a potato sack race.