Pioneer Day Camp

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I had the opportunity to direct a day camp in our area. This camp was named Indiana Joanna and her Pioneer Adventure. The staff of 35 volunteers as well as the 165 girls enjoyed the following activities:
Making Corn Bread in Dutch Oven
Candle dipping
Home made Jacobs ladder
Yarn doll
home made ice cream
made fresh lemonade
toured historical home
shared the art of story telling, (a way to pass family history)
hop scotch, jump rope, a game played with wooden hoops and sticks
hike to explain edible plants and how many were used for ailments
tin punch (used disposable foil ash trays)
home made chalk
folk songs
homemade beads
sack races, three legged races
marbles, jacks
As you can see we were mighty busy for 4 days and than spent the night with a good old fashion Sunday Meal of chicken and gravy. We also had a square dance in the evening.